We are looking for people to join our teams, who are excited about technology, creatively minded and collaborative

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13 different languages

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of 1 female to 4 males 

We have a variety of nationalities

We know that the key to our success is the brilliant people who work for us so we are always on the look out for talented, inspiring and ambitious individuals. Whatever your skills and level of experience and if you have a passion for innovation and the courage to make your ideas into reality, we want to hear from you.​

Who We Look For


Everybody at AnTech was really friendly and helpful which made my transition into the English company culture very easy.


From the start, I got involved in many different projects and I continuously got the chance to get more challenging tasks.


Through this I got the chance to not only increase my knowledge and skills but to also make an actual contribution to the day-to-day work.


By having the opportunity to have inductions at different departments, I got the chance to work with a lot of different people that all shared the same welcoming and encouraging attitude which can be found at AnTech. 

My time with AnTech has been extremely beneficial. Being a small company, I was given the opportunity to visit different departments and see what goes on in different areas of the business.


My time here has been very varied, working in the CTD Sales team has meant that I’ve got involved in both the technical and commercial side of the business, allowing me to apply and develop a number of different skill sets. I even got to carry out some practical work in the workshops, which was great fun.


Everyone at AnTech is very friendly and approachable, making the whole experience a lot more easy-going and enjoyable. I would recommend any student whatever their discipline to apply for a placement here.



There's no one kind of AnTech profile, we're always looking for people who can bring new perspectives and experiences to our teams. If you're looking for a place that values curiosity, passion and a desire to learn and if you're seeking colleagues who are big thinkers and eager to take on fresh challenges as a team then you're a future AnTech employee.

Many of our employees came to us as graduates or students so we recognise the value of working with young, dynamic individuals.


AnTech is a long term participant in the Year in Industry scheme, and we have hired many individuals over the years as a result of their experience with us.


We also take part in the STEP programme, providing eight week work placements for students from Exeter University which enables students to gain valuable industry experience while studying. We think AnTech is a great place for students and graduates to hone their skills, but don't just take our word for it see our testimonials below.

AnTech’s success over the years is attributable to its people. We hire the best in the industry. Our Engineers, Technicians and Tool Specialists have experience from a range of backgrounds and bring multiple disciplines to the workforce from around the world.


Our tools and products demand specialist knowledge and understanding of the way in which they function. To develop our growing portfolio, our people need to be familiar with the requirements of the upstream oil and gas industry. This ensures we remain at the forefront of technological and engineering innovations.


We have grown with several senior members of staff remaining with the company for over twenty years. The retention of such corporate memory has endorsed our growth and development. 




study Chemical Engineering at the University of Surrey, and carried out a 10 week summer placement with AnTech.


joined AnTech the summer between my first and second year of my Business Masters in Gottenburg, Sweden.





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Once making the shortlist you will be invited to an interview.



We then evaluate and decide which candidate is the right fit.



AnTech journey began when I was accepted as a YINI student before starting an Integrated Engineering degree at Cardiff University.

have spent the last year working with AnTech as part of the EDT Year in Industry scheme, prior to attending Loughborough University.

I was consistently encouraged by colleagues throughout the company to seek and explore opportunities to improve myself, from applying to Russell Group universities to improving my hands on experience by continuously developing and testing AnTech’s BHA’s.


Starting off in Products Production was a great introduction to learning how the internal systems of the company operated before I moved over to the Services side of the company. Here I was able to rapidly develop my experience and knowledge, and my passion for engineering began to ignite. I was able to travel abroad (first time of many) to Ferrara, Italy to experience how a drilling rig operated firsthand, which was a great experience, especially for an 18-year-old.


My 6 years working at AnTech became more of an interest than simply a job, and were made increasingly more enjoyable thanks to working with so many interesting and intelligent people. Working at AnTech, you feel like you belong to a family as much as being an employee.

From my first week on the job, I was thrown straight into the mix by getting involved in manufacturing components and preparing orders for shipping. I have had the opportunity to work with various colleagues and teams from across the Production, Engineering and Services departments. This has given me a broad experience of how design affects manufacture and end use.


AnTech has given me a valuable first insight into how an engineering company operates. This will hopefully give me the necessary context for my studies at university.


Despite this year’s circumstances, all of my colleagues at AnTech have worked hard to ensure my time here has been the best experience it could be. With this support I’ve been able to enjoy myself while working to the best of my abilities.








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