Corporate Governance

Our ethos is founded on sound engineering principles with attention to detail and quality. Driven from the top, we endeavour to achieve continuous improvement in all aspects of the business. Our company policies form the basis of our everyday activities from which our procedures are established. The focus of which is instilled in every facet of our operations.  

Company Policies

The company has established its QHSE Policies to identify how we intend to control the impact of the business in regards to quality, health and safety and the environment. We shall achieve this by adhering to all applicable statutory and legislative requirements.

Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance

Quality Policy

At AnTech, we regard quality as the overall ability of our services, products and processes to meet or exceed the requirements of our clients and customers.

We have implemented and developed the Integrated Management System to manage our operations to the best of our abilities. Our successes shall be determined by delivering products and services that are safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

For more information about our certification, visit our QHSE page.

Health & Safety Policy

We recognise and accept our responsibilities in providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees and contractors.

We ensure all interested parties are adequately trained and are provided with all tools and equipment required to conduct their work in the safest possible way.

The welfare of our people shall never be compromised as we will take all necessary actions to prevent ill health and injuries.

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance

Environmental Policy

Throughout our daily activities we recognise our accountability in reducing our impact on the environment. We do this by recycling materials wherever possible. We limit the amount of energy required to operate the company and invest in improving the energy efficiency of the products we use and sell.

By making such smart decisions throughout the life cycle of our products, from design and manufacturing, through to customer use, we pass on the benefits to our customers and the environment. For example the majority of our products are shipped in FCS certified boxes and are built for the individual product dimensions.


We understand there is an element of risk at every step of the way. We assess each and every one of these. From the workshop floor, to the wellsite and in the Head Office, every aspect of our operations has been planned, evaluated and risks are mitigated. This ensures that we, our employees and our customers, our products, and the environment are protected.

Corporate Governance


Our reputation is built on trust and integrity, which we uphold to the highest of standards in our dealings with customers, suppliers and employees. We ensure our business is conducted in an ethical manner, with honesty at our very core.