It is extremely important to be able to detect whether perforating guns have successfully fired because of the dangers of retrieving a live gun string. If it didn’t fire properly, something is wrong, and that creates dangerous unpredictability.


AnTech’s shot detector detects and records vital signals that cannot easily be heard. By recording shots downhole it provides complete confidence of the success of the perforating operation. ShotView™ is battery powered and can be left unmonitored for playback and analysis after the event.


The ShotView™ software has a simple user interface and graphical display. The Data recorded is in digital format to ensure that it can be easily transferred and manipulated for both playing back and reporting purposes.




Features & Benefits


Robust construction - Suitable for use in the environment below the rig floor.


Strong Clamps - Essential to make a good contact through painted items.


Ancillary equipment - Can be supplied with a rig to casing grounding cable to add further protection.



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