You can run logging tools and perforating guns with our logging head range. We have designed a range to enable you to run electrical tools on coil, helping you increase the range of services you can offer your clients.


Our logging heads provide a secure and reliable connection between the coil, the wireline and the logging tools or perforating guns. Our logging heads have been used for PLT's and guns up to 300ft in length.


The tools are modular for easy assembly, short in length with stab in connectors for quick make-up and we provide all of the tools and training, if required, to speedily and reliably make up all of the cable termination.



2-7/8" (73mm)

1-3/4" (44.5mm)

2-1/8" (54mm)




Features & Benefits


Suitable for all cables - Mono-cable and multi-conductor options are available.


Compatible - Our collector bulkheads have been designed to be used with our slip ring collectors and together they provide the complete surface solution for wireline in coiled tubing operations.


Complete package - We provide everything you need to run wireline on your coiled tubing unit.


Training - We can train you and your teams on our products from step by step installation processes to safety considerations.


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