With increasing demands for more data and the combination of electrical and fiber optic monitoring systems, the need for hybrid wellhead penetrators or outlets is growing bigger. To meet this demand we have developed a range of Hybrid Wellhead Outlets that provide safe and secure connections at surface whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.


The Hybrid Outlets combine our ATEX/IECEx certified electrical units (Type C or Type X) with our fiber (Type F) units. The integrated flange design provides a straightforward solution for installation and can be designed specifically to meet your requirements. Low cost solutions can achieved with the combination of our electrical Type CA/CB and fiber optic Type FC. Higher specification units meet the API 6FB fire rated standard.



Type HC

Type HA

Type HB




Features & Benefits


Hybrid control lines - We have created a single wellhead outlet which contains both fiber optic and electric lines.


Test as you build - The modular design means that each stage of the assembly can be individually tested ensuring a quality installation, first time.


Low loss fiber feed through - Get full value from the sensing system with low transmission losses.


Specifications - The range of three gives you the choice between high specification fire tested API 6FB outlets and more cost effective options.


Planning stage technical support - We can offer specification advice and technical drawings to support the early stage of your project. For more complex applications, our design team can modify our designs to your particular requirements.


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