Case study: Longest lateral section drilled in 24hrs on the North Slope using at-balance Coiled Tubing Drilling

21st Sept 2020

The two wells under consideration in this case study were injection wells. Extended reach laterals in a sand formation were planned with the . . .

Case Study: Coiled Tubing Drilling, Kuparuk Oilfield, North Slope Alaska (SPE 168250)

10th July 2020

North Slope Alaska can boast one of the largest numbers for wells drilled using Coiled Tubing Drilling technology. As redevelopment of . . .

Case Study: Western Australia UBCTD Project That Boosts Oil Production

26th May 2020

This blog describes a Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling job that was performed in Western Australia. A multi-lateral well was . . .

Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling That Enables Real-Time Decision Making

1st May 2020

This blog focuses on the capabilities of Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling (UBCTD) demonstrated in a project led by AnTech in . . .

Benefits Of Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling

16th January 2020

Underbalanced drilling (UBD) is an important technique for drilling mature fields with pressure-depleted reservoirs, narrow pressure windows and/or . . .

Coiled Tubing String Retirement

21st August 2019

Fatigue life modeling has extended the economic life of Coiled Tubing (CT), making the ability to predict the safe working life of . . .

Coiled Tubing: Repeated Bend Cycling And Microcracks

17th July 2019

Fatigue life measurements appear to be a statistical phenomenon, which makes the measurement of the fatigue life of the Coiled Tubing (CT) string to . . .

Understanding Coiled Tubing Fatigue Damage And Its Influencing Factors

12th Jun 2019

Coiled Tubing (CT) has been widely used for well intervention, servicing and drilling. It has become widely used due to its . . .

Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling in Tight Sandstone Case Study: Part Two

23rd Jan 2019

In a recent blog post we looked at how Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling (UBCTD) has the potential to offer a more than viable method of . . .

Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling in Tight Sandstone Case Study: Part One

9th Jan 2019

The low permeability of tight sandstone means it is notoriously difficult to achieve a productive well economically. However, it has been . . .

Underbalanced Offshore Coiled Tubing Drilling Case Study: Part Three

28th Nov 2018

With underbalanced drilling there is some additional equipment to be considered and installed. The usual coil equipment such as the . . .

Underbalanced Offshore Coiled Tubing Drilling Case Study: Part Two

21st Nov 2018

With a preliminary trajectory planned and the well pressures defined, the mechanical aspects of the coiled tubing drilling operation can now be . . .

Underbalanced Offshore Coiled Tubing Drilling Case Study: Part One

14th Nov 2018

On a Monday morning, after the operational meetings, my boss walks into our cubicle and drops a pile of paper work, including some old . . .

Possible use of Tractors for Coiled Tubing Drilling

10th Oct 2018

Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling (DCTD) is a highly effective and efficient method of accessing tight and isolated reservoirs. The ability to drill extended . . .

Cryogenic vs Membrane Nitrogen in Coiled Tubing Applications: The Big Picture

28th Sept 2018

For many drilling operations within the upstream oil and gas industry, nitrogen is an essential consumable and is required in significant quantities. In particular . . .

Casing Exits For Coiled Tubing Operations

13th June 2018

Many wells drilled with underbalanced coiled tubing drilling (UBCTD) require a casing exit system to create a window in the original well through . . .

Real-time, at-bit Geosteering for Coiled Tubing Drilling

18th Apr 2018

When drilling a directional well, predicting the exact position of a target reservoir from surface is difficult. Logs from . . .

Find Your Reason Why! Well Selection For UBCTD

11th Apr 2018

A directional coiled tubing drilling string comprises a number of highly specialised components working in unison. One of the more interesting components is . . .

What Is An Orienter?

28th Mar 2018

A directional coiled tubing drilling string comprises a number of highly specialised components working in unison. One of the more interesting components is . . .

Convert Your CT Unit To E-Coil

8th Feb 2018

Upgrading a coiled tubing unit to e-coil can add valuable versatility to a company’s service offering. The ability to transmit and . . .

Reservoir Characterisation While Drilling Underbalanced

1st Feb 2018

Drilling underbalanced on coiled tubing provides a treasure trove of information on reservoir characteristics and . . .

The Importance Of A Gyro In A Coiled Tubing Drilling BHA

6th Dec 2017

If you've spent any time looking into directional measurement instruments, and particularly gyros then you'll know that there are two main types of . . .

Modelling And Visualisation Of Drilling A Horizontal Well

29th Nov 2017

Let us recall that in academic and engineering contexts, a model is a construct which encapsulates the essential features of a . . .

Exploring The Mechanism Of Coiled Tubing Lock-Up

2nd Nov 2017

Lock-up in CT is like death and taxes, it’s an inevitability of life. If you are going to try and set weight at the end of CT, the amount of weight you . . .

Applications For Coiled Tubing Drilling

18th Oct 2017

With over 70% of the world’s oil and gas production being produced from mature fields, it’s not surprising that operators are looking at . . .

Horizontal Directional Drilling: What's The Benefit?

11th Oct 2017

Since the early days of the oil industry, operators have been drilling vertical wells to tap oil and gas reservoirs. The advantages are . . .

Lesson 101: Setting Up And Operating      A Test Facility For HPHT Equipment

27th Sept 2017

Coiled Tubing Drilling is increasing in demand which is creating the need for tools to have higher downhole capabilities.  Specifically, the . . .

The Importance Of Near Bit Sensors

19th Sept 2017

There is a reason why the drivers of 18-wheeler trucks are seated at the front of the vehicle. It’s so the drivers can steer the vehicle accurately between . . .

Openhole Sidetracking Using Coiled Tubing Drilling

26th July 2017

When planning an openhole sidetrack there are a number of choices to be made which will affect the ease and speed at which the . . .

Combating Lost Circulation Using Underbalanced Drilling

21st July 2017

A On November 20, 1980, Leonce Viator Jr, accompanied by his nephew, took his boat out onto Lake Peigneur in Louisiana to catch some catfish. At the same . . .

How Do You Drill A Directional Well With Coiled Tubing?

12th July 2017

A Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling (DCTD) BHA is made up of the following components: bit, motor/turbine with bent housing, sensor module . . .

How To Mill More Efficiently

5th July 2017

Frac plug milling is the final step on the journey to completing a shale producer.  Return on the investment that has gone in to drilling the well and pumping the . . .

How To Drill Faster With Coiled Tubing

28th June 2017

We often get asked what is the effect of underbalance on ROP, so it’s nice to have a real-life example which shows the difference it can make. In this example . . .

Introduction to CTD Wellbore Hydraulic Modelling - Part Two

22nd June 2017

In my last blog post I introduced the principles of hydraulic modelling for coiled tubing drilling. I left you with this beautiful chart, depicting . . .

Selecting a Coiled Tubing Unit for CTD: ParModelling - Part One

19th Apr 2017

In order to select an appropriate coiled tubing unit (CTU) and CTU provider for CTD operations, a few key steps must be taken, with focus on . . .

Introduction To CTD Wellbore Hydraulic Modelling - Part One

29th Mar 2017

In the last article I introduced the importance of modelling in the context of Coiled Tubing Drilling and explored how fit-for-purpose . . .

How Computational Modelling Contributes To Planning A Successful CTD Campaign

17th Feb 2017

As anyone with a succession of successfully executed Coiled Tubing Drilling jobs under their belt might tell you, ‘Coiled Tubing Drilling is . . .

Jointed Pipe Versus Coiled Tubing Underbalanced Drilling

1st Feb 2017

Underbalanced drilling (UBD) is defined as drilling when the effective downhole circulating pressure of the drilling fluid is equal to. . .

Benefits Of Drilling A Straight Hole With Coiled Tubing Drilling

25th Jan 2017

In conventional directional drilling with a bent-sub motor the well trajectory is drilled with a combination of sliding stages and rotating stages. This . . .

Why A Downhole WOB Sensor Is So Important When Drilling With CT

28th Nov 2016

A direct measurement of downhole weight-on-bit is vital for accurate control of the drilling process during Coiled Tubing Drilling. Without it. . .

What Is Underbalanced Drilling

28th Nov 2016

Underbalanced drilling is when the pressure in the formation is greater than the hydrostatic pressure in the bore hole. This difference in. . .

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