In previous years AnTech has enjoyed hosting a day of celebration to recognise successes throughout the company. At the last event, the company hosted a lunch and thanked its employees for their loyal service accumulating over 115 years’ work. 


31st July 2018

AnTech Holds Celebration of Achievement Event

In August 2018, we felt it was time to once again acknowledge our achievements and award those that had reached noteworthy milestones in their time at the company.


Over 30 employees congregated at the company’s head office in Exeter and sat down to enjoy a specially prepared breakfast. During the meal, a montage of pictures and photographs was projected across the workshop walls to display the products of many years of hard work from the entire workforce.


Following both a Continental style buffet and individually prepared hot meal, each Manager, from Engineering and Production, Manufacturing, Sales, Finance and HR, outlined their department’s specific accomplishments and celebrated every employee’s recent successes, with no person left without mention!


The event paid homage to 11 loyal and dedicated employees who have all reached significant milestones within the company. Beginning at five years’ service for four people, ten years for a further four, 15 years for one and 20 years for a final two!


AnTech continues to be grateful to its dedicated employees for their efforts and looks forward to celebrating further accomplishments in the future.


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