Casing Exits For CTD Operations

13th June 2018                           COILED TUBING DRILLING                          

Author: Adam Miszewski

Many wells drilled with underbalanced coiled tubing drilling (UBCTD) require a casing exit system to create a window in the original well through which the drilling BHA can pass to drill the sidetrack. Casing exits can be carried out using whipstocks set on coiled tubing, workover units or drilling rigs. Whipstocks are available for both monobore and through tubing applications on coiled tubing. There are two common methods for setting a whipstock on coiled tubing – either as two runs, one for the anchor and one for the whipstock, or in a single run where the whipstock and anchor are run together and oriented using an orienter. When exiting a vertical, or near-vertical wellbore, both systems require a gyro to be used to take an azimuth survey of the whipstock orientation due to the magnetic interference inside the casing. In the case of the single trip system, this means that the gyro must be integrated into the BHA but for the two-trip system a wireline truck could . . . 

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