The Importance Of Stripping And Splitting Tools For Encapsulated Cables​

What is a Downhole Cable Splice?

Stripping and splitting tools are used to remove encapsulation (of varying hardness and dimensions) from a cable or control line quickly and safely. They make stripping and splitting cables much safer because there is no need for knives or hacksaws, preventing the risk of injury. Their unique design ensures that plastic encapsulation is stripped away without damaging the internal metal lines.


AnTech’s Air Powered Splitting Tool safely and efficiently splits multiple lines in flatpack, which can then be stripped of encapsulation using AnTech’s stripping tool range. The Air Powered Stripping Tool has proved to be better suited for longer lengths of encapsulation.


The Air Powered Splitting Tool can be adapted to different line sizes by changing combinations of guides, wheels and Hand Stripping Tools. The splitting tools are non-adjustable, however, conversion kits for different size flatpacks can be provided.


These tools can be used on hydraulic or electrical, single or multiple lines and can remove encapsulation from flatpack ranging from 11 x 11mm to 65 x 65mm. In deciding the correct line size to adapt the tool to, for successful application, it is important to have the flat-pack details or datasheet for the TEC line which will indicate the outer diameter of the line: 1/8”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, ½” and 5/16” and the dimensions of the flatpack itself.


AnTech provides a range of stripping and splitting tools and the team can help you specify what you need for your particular application, so please get in touch if you would like to know more.



Author: Alicia Beasley

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