COLT Case Study - Michigan

In 2008, AnTech completed a two well Coiled Tubing Drilling project for an operator in Michigan in the United States.


The performance and capabilities of both the COLT tool and the AnTech drilling team have been proven in tests, with a successful shale play drilled in Michigan, US. This was achieved with accurate precision and excellent reliability.


The success of this test is clearly demonstrated by the fact that, after the test completion, the customer offered AnTech a further two commercial wells to drill.


A second well, including an extension and an openhole sidetrack, was also successfully drilled using the COLT tools. The drilling fluid was an air/foam mix which further validated the ability of the tools to operate in high vibration environments.



Well Type:



Michigan Basin, Traverse Dolomite​

Onshore - Oil

June 2008

Results & Benefits 

  • Two wells were successfully drilled
  • (1,186ft) & (450ft) and hit their target     zones.
  • Upon completion of the campaign the customer offered another two well     project.
  • 100% clean health and safety record.
  • Captured technical learnings and best practices.

AnTech Solution

  • Complete Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling Package.

  • Bespoke well path planning and feasibility modelling.

  • A range of Bottom Hole Assembly sizes suitable for re-entry and grass-root applications.

  • Reduced operating costs as both drilling time and rig-up time are quicker with CTD.

  • Underbalanced drilling protects the formation and allows production to continue whilst drilling.

Figure 1 - COLT BHA

Figure 2 - Rigging Up

Well Details

Well 1 - Drilling Profile

Well 2 - Drilling Profile

Location: USA

Oilfield: Michigan

               Basin, Traverse Dolomite​

Well Type: Onsore - Oil

Date: November 2015

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