Heated to 950ºC for over 30 minutes, this Fibre Optic Wellhead Outlet is the first of its kind to qualify for the API 6FB standards! This world first will help customers meet increasing safety demands across the globe. This new Fibre Outlet can now be incorporated with AnTech’s electrical outlets to create a fire rated hybrid outlet which can be modified to meet customer’s wellhead requirements.


19th February 2014

The American Petroleum Institute standard 6FB is a specification which establishes procedures for testing and evaluating the pressure containing performance of Wellhead Outlet connections when exposed to fire. The API 6FB test requires that any sealing end connection hold for 30 minutes in a flame condition and then for a 60 minute cool down period. After the assembly is cooled to room temperature the line is de-pressurised and then re-pressurised. During the test the seal must not exceed an API prescribed leakage rate.


The charts below show the test conditions and successful response of the seal:


The AnTech provides tailor made training courses for Wellhead Outlets and this now includes our new API 6FB Fibre Wellhead Outlet. To find out more about training, please click here.


Chart 1 - Temperature logging for the calorimeter blocks and thermocouples during the full 60 minute burn and cool down cycle.


Chart 2 - Pressure versus time curve for this test. Once the assembly had cooled, the fibre line was de-pressurised followed by re-pressurised and throughout the test, the seal did not exceed the API specified leakage rates and therefore passed this difficult and demanding test.

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