Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling (DCTD) provider AnTech Ltd has announced it has appointed a Saudi agent and opened a new office in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


30th June 2014

Having secured significant investment from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures and Calculus Capital last year, the UK firm has appointed The Al-Shuwayer Group as an agent for Saudi and Bahrain. This follows on from AnTech’s expansion in the US, with the launch of its Houston office last year, to build on the firm’s global growth strategy.‚Äč


Founded in 1992, AnTech operates across three divisions, providing innovative product technologies, DCTD services and specialist training for the global upstream oil and gas industry.  Its Coiled Tubing Drilling Service division delivers cost-effective directional drilling services to customers utilising AnTech’s proprietary drilling tools, teams and systems, whilst the Products division is heavily focussed on design innovation and custom solutions to meet clients’ individual needs. The training is delivered through the AnTech Academy, which provides specialist training in Coiled Tubing Drilling as well as training for its own range of products for the industry. AnTech plans to reveal roll out plans for its Academy in the near future.


Toni Miszewski, Managing Director, AnTech said “It is an exciting time of growth for AnTech and we are pleased to announce our partnership with The Al-Shuwayer Group. It is increasingly important that we are able to offer the best possible service to our clients in the Middle East, hence our strategic expansion within the region. AnTech has been focussing on growth within the Americas and Middle East, as well as Europe. Its staff numbers have doubled in the last year and demand for its patented products, wellhead equipment and state-of-the-art DCTD equipment continues to increase in new regions.“


Toni added: “Anas Al-Shuwayer, Managing Director of The Al-Shuwayer Group has over 18 years of oilfield experience and has been crucial in advancing new projects for leading companies in the oil and gas industry. Combined with AnTech’s in-house R&D team, our new Al-Khobar base will provide specialist DCTD Services which can bring significant benefits to operators in The Kingdom.”


AnTech offers its COLT Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) for smaller diameter thru-tubing drilling and its gyro-steered POLARIS BHA for larger side-tracks and grass root wells. Both have been successfully deployed in field operations for wells in underbalanced conditions, using aerated fluids. In fact, the POLARIS BHA was used for drilling the world’s first horizontal lateral with air. AnTech will continue to develop its drilling tool portfolio in the future to further service its global customer demand.


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