Introduction to CTD Wellbore Hydraulic Modelling - Part Two

22nd June 2017

In my last blog post I introduced the principles of hydraulic modelling for coiled tubing drilling. I left you with this beautiful chart, depicting . . .

Selecting a Coiled Tubing Unit for CTD: ParModelling - Part One

19th Apr 2017

In order to select an appropriate coiled tubing unit (CTU) and CTU provider for CTD operations, a few key steps must be taken, with focus on . . .

Introduction To CTD Wellbore Hydraulic Modelling - Part One

29th Mar 2017

In the last article I introduced the importance of modelling in the context of Coiled Tubing Drilling and explored how fit-for-purpose . . .

How Computational Modelling Contributes To Planning A Successful CTD Campaign

17th Feb 2017

As anyone with a succession of successfully executed Coiled Tubing Drilling jobs under their belt might tell you, ‘Coiled Tubing Drilling is . . .

Jointed Pipe Versus Coiled Tubing Underbalanced Drilling

1st Feb 2017

Underbalanced drilling (UBD) is defined as drilling when the effective downhole circulating pressure of the drilling fluid is equal to. . .

Benefits Of Drilling A Straight Hole With Coiled Tubing Drilling

25th Jan 2017

In conventional directional drilling with a bent-sub motor the well trajectory is drilled with a combination of sliding stages and rotating stages. This . . .

Why A Downhole WOB Sensor Is So Important When Drilling With CT

28th Nov 2016

A direct measurement of downhole weight-on-bit is vital for accurate control of the drilling process during Coiled Tubing Drilling. Without it. . .

What Is Underbalanced Drilling

28th Nov 2016

Underbalanced drilling is when the pressure in the formation is greater than the hydrostatic pressure in the bore hole. This difference in. . .

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